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To ensure that your submission aligns with our project's guidelines, please know that we prioritize art that aligns with our project's themes and objectives and maintains high quality and standards. Submissions should promote a meaningful discourse, while avoiding excessive violence, prohibited content, or inappropriateness. Our team reserves the right to select or reject submissions based on the project's overall message and theme.


By submitting your art, you acknowledge that your artwork is being released into the public domain, granting individuals the freedom to download, share, and use it without any restrictions

Submissions criteria

  • We upload visuals in the following proportions: 1:1, 4:5, 9:16. 

  • In addition to Gifs please send an MP4 version (over 5 seconds) for the benefit of reels on Instagram.

  • Each fIle should specify your name and the proportions.

Formats guidelines



Interested in submitting your art? Please explore our Submissions criteria and guidelines below.

Want to collaborate with Design Duty or specific artists? Please read this fair use guide.

Design Duty is  a community project that encourages solidarity through art and design. The artwork presented here is available for download and share on social media.

Thank you for supporting our cause,

Design Duty team.

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